Dry Red Wine
Protected Geographical Indication AGORA

Perpetuus that means continuous, everlasting, perpetual. In 2004, the NICO LAZARIDI Winery, through its continuous quest of new tasting experiences and after a planning of many years and incessant vinifications in small individual batches, created two new products: a white and a red wine named Perpetuus.

The noble wine Perpetuus red is produced from the varieties Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, which create a blend of aromas and flavour harmony.


Type of wine: Dry Red Wine.

Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Agora.

Varietals:Cabernet Sauvignon 85%, Sangiovese 15%

Production Area: Northern Greece, in Macedonia, at the local communities of Agora and Pigadia, in the valley and the low hills on the South-East of Drama town.

Vineyards: Linear planting, north-south orientation. Vineyards gently sloping, with sandy-clay soils of average composition.

Harvest: Second half of September.

Vinification Method: Classic red wine vinification with a long extraction, ages in new French oak barrels of dense porosity for 16-18 months and remains in the bottle for 18 months in ideal cellarage conditions.

Analytical Data:
Alcohol: 14.2%
Total Acidity:  5.25g/l
Residual Sugar: 3.00 g/l
pH: 3.64

Tasting Notes: Intense ruby red color with brownish highlights. The vigorous aromas of small red forest fruits and violet, with hints of spices as nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper in perfect harmony with the aromas of the oak barrel. A strong, bounteous body that balances the acidity with the mature dense tannins. It has a gentle, complex, lingering finish.

Aging: Will respond well to aging for up to 12-15 years after harvest.

Perfect Pairing: An excellent match for shank of lamb with saffron, pork frame with grape sauce and game meat.

Serving Temperature: 18-20oC.