Nicos Lazaridis, a successful entrepreneur in the field of marble, never hid his love for the field of wine, a love that grew to become a business activity. His journey to the magical world of wine lasted more than two decades and led him, in 1987, to the creation of the NICO LAZARIDI Winery in the promising area of East Macedonia, and more specifically in the Prefecture of Drama.

In 1997, Nicos Lazaridis moves the head office of his company in the local community Agora, an area well-known for its wine-growing tradition, and establishes the Winery Château Nico Lazaridi. In a short while, his wines manage to become popular among the oenophiles inside and outside of Greece. Nicos Lazaridis has been a pioneer in the creation of an entire wine-production area in Drama.

In 2000, a new winery was created in the hillside of the Mount Pangeon at the Prefecture of Kavala: the Mackedon Winery and the new labels of quality wines expand even more the company’s horizons.

Through this attempt our company promoted the great potentials of the local vineyards, and inspired our highly skilled company executives who created unique products. At the same time, through the co-existence of art and wine, we delivered the message that the wine is a product of love, respect and long-lasting effort.

Nowadays, the NICO LAZARIDI Winery produces nearly 1.100.000 bottles per year, while its exports cover the 30% of the annual turnover.

Our main goals remain the production of high quality wines, the growth and promotion of the Macedonian vineyards and a highly regarded position in the field of wine worldwide.