The Château Nico Lazaridi Winery

We chose the local community Agora in the Prefecture of Drama to establish our innovative and modern winery. It was not a random choice, as we took into consideration all the necessary elements so as the production processing to take place as near the harvest location as possible. This way, our people will be able to produce fine wines and store them in ideal conditions, before they reach the consumers.

The winery, with its special architecture, is built inside the main vineyard. The building is fully adjusted to the natural environment and one can observe from it all the tasks taking place in the vineyards. Its state-of-the-art equipment guarantees the production of wine of the highest quality.

The plants occupy approximately 6.500 sq.m. and form a unified complex of buildings which includes vinification, production, bottling and storage areas, cellars for wine aging, hall for wine tasting and seminars, and finally the art gallery “The Magic Mountain”, which can be used as a multi-purpose room.

The winery’s architectural design, a project inspired by the local architect Yiannis Matsinis, depicts a “swallow tale”. It creates an internal patio, according to the traditional agricultural premises, offering to both employees and visitors a view of the surroundings.The architect envisioned the building as a continuation of the skyline and landscape,from the tower’s observation post visitors can have a panoramic view of the vineyards and the wider area.

The most renowned brand name of the NICO LAZARIDI Winery is the white and red wine bearing the same name: Château Nico Lazaridi, while the Rosé Nico Lazaridi complements the family. The wine range of Château Nico Lazaridi also includes the single-variety wine Merlot Nico Lazaridi, while the wine families of Magic Mountain and Perpetuus are products of special aging. Furthermore, the company vinifies the Melissourgos wine which belongs to the category of naturally sweet wines, and recently the white semi-sparkling wine Solitaire. Here, at the Winery Château Nico Lazaridi all wines are labeled as Protected Geographical Indication Drama and Agora.